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BACON FRIED RICE - Chinese Classic Now an American Favorite

AUTHENTIC CHINESE BACON FRIED RICE - Especially for bacon lovers

Authentic Chinese Bacon Fried Rice

I used to use white rice exclusively when making fried rice, but in recent years, I nearly always use brown rice just because its supposed to be healthier. Now that I’ve had the benefit of the two rice types, I believe the brown rice offers more flavor – that being the addition of a hint of “nutty” and deeper flavor. My husband looks forward to leftovers so he can have it for breakfast the next morning…after all, it does contain bacon and eggs.

Serves: 4 to 6

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes

Suggested Tools:

· Chopping board

· Chopping knife

· Large skillet

. Small skillet

· Small bowl

· Plate (for bacon)

· Measuring cups

· Measuring spoons

· Large stir spoon or wooden spoon


· 4 cups room temperature cooked rice (white or brown)

– I used brown rice for this blog, but I also use long grained white rice

Note: I prefer using room temperature rice as cold cooked rice tends to clump up (especially if you made it the previous day) and is a tad more difficult to break up. It’s also better to use rice that has cooled down after cooking. Therefore, I tend to cook my rice earlier in the day like mid morning or early afternoon.

· 6 pieces of bacon slices

· 3 green onions

· 2 eggs

· 2 tablespoons soy sauce or to your desired taste, (or gluten free soy sauce or Tamari sauce which is GF)· 2 tablespoons canola oil


1. Cook the bacon in the microwave oven by first laying down two layers of paper towels on a dinner plate. Then place the bacon on the paper towels (avoid over lapping the bacon) and cover the bacon with one or two paper towels to prevent splatter. Cook on high for five minutes and check the bacon for doneness. It needs to be somewhat crispy. Cook until done for additional 30 minute intervals as needed. The thinner the bacon, the less cooking is needed.

2. Wash and cut the root ends off of the green onions and remove any bruised or unsightly green stems. Slice thinly, including the tender portion of the green ends of the onion.

3. Whisk the two eggs in a small bowl until mixed well. Either spray oil or add one teaspoon canola oil in a small pan and spread the oil around the pan with a paper towel. Turn the burner to medium low heat. Once the oil has heated, pour the eggs into the pan and scramble the eggs until just cooked. Take off the heat and set aside.

4. With the heat on medium high, add one tablespoon canola oil in a large skillet and spread the oil around the pan. Once the oil is well heated, turn the rice out into the skillet and stir around a bit. Be sure the oil in the pan is hot enough so that the rice does not just sit and absorb the oil. Allow the rice to cook on the heat one or two minutes before stirring the rice. Each time you stir, allow the rice to cook. Turn the heat down to low heat, breaking up any clumps of rice, if any, during the heating process.

5. Add the cooked eggs, sliced onions and cooked bacon pieces and mix slightly to distribute around the rice.

6. Add one tablespoon of the soy sauce and mix well. Add more soy sauce, as needed to your desired to taste.

7. Heat through for about five to eight minutes.

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